What can you lease?

Anything… well, almost anything.

The point is, leasing isn’t just for photocopiers and forklifts anymore.

80% of Fortune 500 companies have used leasing to optimize cash flows and become more competitive. Companies, big and small, have leased everything from laptops and bulldozers to office furniture and warehouse shelves.

On transactions ranging from $1,000 to over $1 million, Clarity Leasing offers financing and asset management solutions for an increasingly diverse portfolio of commercial equipment. Our dedicated team prides itself on breaking new ground and building relationships with the most innovative equipment manufacturers and suppliers in world.

Clarity Leasing has experience working with partners in the following industries:

– Forestry/Logging
– Computer & Telecom Hardware
– Printing/Photocopying
– Oilfield/Pipeline Industry
– Construction Industry
– Spa & Rejuvenation Equipment
– Restaurant & Hospitality
– Manufacturing/Machine Shop
– Gym & Fitness Equipment
– Dental & Medical Equipment
…and more