Here’s a few of the questions we get asked on a regular basis:

Why should I Lease?
Glad you asked…

Can I move the equipment from one location to another?
Yes, providing you notify Clarity in advance and get approval. It is important we know where the equipment is physically located.

Can I include installation and labour charges in the lease?
Yes, provided it does not exceed 30% of the overall transaction.

Can I acquire my equipment from multiple suppliers?
Yes, Clarity offers the flexibility to acquire equipment from many different suppliers as part of one transaction.

Can I add equipment to my lease?
Yes, equipment can be added to the lease at anytime.

Who is in charge of servicing/maintaining the equipment?
As a lessee you are responsible for the care and maintenance of the equipment.

What are my options after the end of my lease term?

You have 4 options at the end of your lease term:

1. Purchase the equipment at its current fair market value or your stated purchase option.
2. Continue to lease at the original lease rate.
3. Return the Equipment
4. Trade up the equipment for new equipment (On approved credit

Why should an equipment vendor work with Clarity Leasing?

Every sale proposal should be presented with a lease-financing alternative. Your competitors do it, and your customers want it. 93% of the customers that “want to lease” and receive a sale only proposal, assume that the vendor does not have the ability to lease their equipment. To avoid the hassle of searching for additional funding on their own, the customer will simply do business with the vendor that can provide immediate financing for their products.¬† Clarity’s role is to provide the required funding to your customers in the simplest and most effective manner.

How can I offer leasing to my clients?

Visit our Vendors page.

More questions? Feel free to contact Mr. Sacha Kuettel @ 604.800.0464