Leasing 101 – Fitness & Physio Equipment

The Fitness and Physiotherapy industries are growing rapidly in North America. Finally, it seems that people are coming to understand the importance of excercise, mobility and activity in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This is why Clarity Leasing is excited to be part of this growing Fitness Equipmentindustry, teamed up with some impressive fitness equipment vendors, commerical gyms and private clinics.

By working with Clarity, many owners have realized the benefits of leasing their fitness equipment acquisitions.  In addition to the tax benefits, leasing also allows for flexible payment schedules which can be structured to place the balance of your payments in busy months. Many clients have a need for specialized equipment that gives them a competitive advantage in their local market. Often, this specialized equipment comes with a higher price tag, this is where leasing fits in. If the equipment is revenue generating, meaning that it draws in cash

Types of Equipment

Clarity Leasing offers a variety of ways to lease gym equipment, and some of our clients have recently leased such items as:

  • Nautilus Equipment
  • Free Weights
  • Exercise Benches
  • Aerobics Equipment
  • Universal Gyms
  • Mats and Specialized Training Equipment
  • And many others

Athletic Trainers, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, can all benefit from smoothing their equipment acquistion costs over time, and optimizing cash flow as the business grows. Smart owners/managers ask: “What is the most efficient use of the capital available to me right now?”

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