Leasing 101 – Dental Equipment

Today, dentists are faced with, what can feel like, an overwhelming rate of rapid technological advancements in  the equipment and systems available to their practice.

Highly advanced X-ray machines have helped many dentists improve the accuracy of their diagnoses and prescribe more effective treatment plans.

Innovative scheduling and billing systems have revolutionized the way clinics communicate with their clients and have simplified the way patients pay for treatment.

Suffice it to say, the industry is changing and so is the way dentists compete for clients.

Every dentist would agree that having access to advanced technology is a fundamental contributor to the long term success of their practice. As in any other business, creating and keeping a customer always boils down to the client experience. And make no mistake, in dentistry, technology makes up a substantial component of the client experience.

If dentists know that technology and equipment is important, what’s stopping them from investing in the right equipment?

The answer is simple: Cash.

Major equipment acquisitions are often delayed or ignored because the up-front cash investment required is too large to justify. The purchase gets put off until “next year”, or “when we move offices” or any combination of excuses for not investing in the business. After a consecutive years of watching their patients find clinics that offer a superior client experience, revenues steadily decline and they are stuck with more difficult decisions, i.e., closing their doors or selling to a competitor. A competitor that understands the importance of strategically investing in equipment and technology while effectively managing working capital.

Leasing equipment allows you to smooth the acquisition costs over the useful life of the asset. In short, the clinic pays for the equipment as the equipment generates revenue.

If you own a dental practice, Clarity Leasing can help your clinic maximize cash flow, acquire the most advanced equipment and technology, and realize the tax benefits of leasing (See: 7 Reasons to Lease).

We will work with you to strategically alleviate your capital budgeting constraints and simplify the entire process, from quote to delivery. This frees you to focus on the your most important task,  growing your business by serving your clients.


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