Leasing 101 – Heating & Air Conditioning

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with a leading, Canadian distributor of HVAC solutions.

Complete Heating & Air – Conditioning offers the perfect solution at the right price. Whether you’re heating or cooling a single office or work shop, or retro-fitting an entire shopping mall, they carry everything you need from the most trusted names in the industry – Lennox, York, Reznor, Schwank, Honeywell and Viessman.


You might be asking, why should we lease our HVAC solution?

It’s a question we get a lot, and it’s one we like to answer. (See: 7 Reasons to Lease Commercial Equipment)

Though each industry brings its own unique questions and challenges with respect to financing decisions, when it comes to HVAC, these are the major reasons to consider lease finance.

Conserve Working Capital
  • Working capital and lines of credit should be used for short-term or unexpected expenses, not to purchase long-term, capital assets.
Full Solution Financing
  • Clarity Leasing is able to finance the full turn-key solution, including installation and accessories with minimal down payment. Often, all that is needed is the first month’s payment.
Tax Benefits
  • In many cases, lease payments are considered a business expense item on the income statement and are therefore tax-deductible as a pre-tax expense.
Multi-Tenant Building Advantages
  • Lease payments can be added to building operating expenses (ideal for stratas) for the purpose of tenant expense reimbursement. After reimbursement from tenants, the effective cost of the HVAC equipment is drastically reduced.

If your business is considering acquiring an HVAC solution, whether it’s a new-build, a retrofit, or a renovation, Clarity Leasing can help optimize your cash flow while Complete Heating & Air Conditioning helps you acquire the most dependable HVAC equipment on the market.



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