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Vendor Lease Tip – Always Quote a Monthly Payment

Imagine the ideal car dealership.  What would it look like? We talked with business owners, and the response was generally consistent. In an ideal dealership, the sales staff is friendly, courteous and approachable without being pushy or needy. The cars are high-quality and come with great warranty options – the car sells itself. The service .. read more

Case Study: Funding Japadog’s Growth Phase with Franchise Lease Finance

Famed for its meteoric rise in popularity, Japa Dog has become the envy of every street food vendor in Canada. If you haven’t already tried one, chances are, you will soon. Already with 4 locations in Vancouver, they’re poised for growth (via franchise) in LA, Toronto, and New York City In light of this coming .. read more

Leasing 101 – Mining Equipment

Groundbreaking Financing Solutions Procuring mining equipment is often accompanied by the heavy burden of financing. After the tedious work of prospecting has paid off, and a valuable opportunity is present, there is often not enough cash on hand to support the setup costs of the project. Compounding this problem is the fact that, right now, .. read more