Vendor Information

Equipment leasing is an extremely valuable service to offer your clients.

Working with Clarity, your business becomes more competitive.

Clarity’s Collaborative Approach: Clarity integrates its intuitive systems into your business planning process. Our specialty is anticipating your needs, providing new and improved solutions, and helping you capitalize on opportunities as they arise.

Many of our vendor partners experience large increases in overall sales within the first year.

Higher Rates of Approval: Clarity has relationships with a wide variety of underwriting sources, and has access to private capital. Thus, we are able to offer comprehensive financial solutions for your customers and dramatically increase their likelihood of approval.

Clarity Vendor Programs allow our valued partners to build portfolios for each customer, add-value to the initial sale, and plan the optimal timing of equipment upgrades.

Clarity further increases the value propostition by reducing administration costs and managing the entire process, start to finish.

We even promise to refer new clients when the opportunity is presented.

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